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Jan 10, 2013 2:30pm PST
for you at this hour -- three kurdish activists have been found shot dead in paris. >> ireland says the eu must reach a decision on easing its debt burden. >> the world's first museum exhibition dedicated specifically to u.s. film director martin scorsese is opening in berlin. >> three women kurdish activists have been shot dead in paris. one of the victims includes a co-founder of the militant nationalist pkk. the women were shot in the kurdish information center in paris. >> no motive has yet been established. the killings, one day after turkish leaders report they agreed on a draft agreement that could lead to the rebel movement laying down its weapons. kurdish information center in paris. the victims were three women last in a live in the building on wednesday afternoon and found dead there early thursday. the french interior minister visited the crime scene and spoke of an execution. french president francois hollande said he was shaken. >> it is horrible. there were three of them, one of whom i knew personally. >> the turkish prime minister asked for patience. >> these killings might
Jan 10, 2013 5:30am PST
>> and a prominent curtis -- kurdish separatist among three women shot dead in paris. this is al jazeera live from doha. also coming up on the program -- saudi arabia executes a made over the death of a baby in her care. pfeifer media freedom in china. in newspaper publishes its first edition since its strike over censorship. syrian refugees who fled fighting and have found work in the country next door. a co-founder of the kurdish separatist movement pkk was found dead in paris with gunshot wounds. sakine cansiz was killed inside the kurdish institute along with two other women. the french interior minister has already visited the scene. >> i came here to this neighborhood where three women were slain, killed, and doubtless executed. this is a very grave matter and it explains my presence. this is unacceptable. >> we've got two correspondents following the story and in a moment we will speak to them in the turkish capital. but first, rory is at the scene. what is going on behind you? in essence of the news came out several hours ago we have seen a growing number of very angry ku
Jan 14, 2013 3:00am PST
paris couture. eglin said this young man looking very serious as he sits -- you will see this young man looking very serious as he sits and you will realize this is not a miracle. there was a solid basis. the other thing i want to say is that, you know, they're not many designers are around here changed the course of history. because when it comes to fashion, yes, there are lots of things that we see. lots of excitement, lots of fralala going on, but we do not often see things that you realize have captured the moment in time. and that is what i think you'll find in this exhibition. but i do not want to talk anymore, because those are actually some of the believes that you have come to listen to jean paul gaultier and not suzy menkes. [laughter] so jean paul, i really wanted to ask you, thinking we're going through the exhibition from the beginning, the power you give women with the sexuality with the corsets, that actually was very much a reflection of what was going on when you did it. can you tell us about those madonna corset years? >> yes, it is a kind of a reflection of what is h
Jan 10, 2013 7:00am EST
." >> three kurdish women, one a leading member of the separatist group pkk have been found dead in paris. police say they were executed. the men charged with a gang rape and murder of a student in delhi were tortured and assaultive in police custody, says a lawyer. a terrible waste. as much as half of the world food and that being thrown away, according to a new study. welcome to bbc world news. also in the program -- a race against time to save whales attack -- trapped in the ice off the coast of canada. and will les miserable" get an oscar? hello. the bodies of three kurdish women said to include a founding member of the kurdistan workers party have been found in central paris in what police believe was an execution-style killing. the victims are far to be turkish foreign activists shot point blank range. 3 shall casings were found next to the bodies. the fence interior minister has arrived at the site where large numbers of the kurdish communities have gathered. police believe these were politically motivated and a murder investigation has been launched. wieber have the latest on that
Jan 25, 2013 7:00pm PST
's communist party is marking 40 years since the paris peace accords which ended direct military involvement in the country. a ceremony held in hanoi on friday was the first nationally sponsored event to observe the 1973 deal. it is likely a move by the communist party to gain wider support by emphasizing the historic achievement. the cold war split the country into northern and southern regimes which fought fiercely. the united states which supported south vietnam signed the peace agreement in paris on january 27th, 1973. the anti-war movement gained momentum and two years later, the u.s. withdrew from the former south vietnamese capital of saigon. the president emphasized the legitimacy of one-party rule by the communist party. >> translator: the paris peace accord was our largest diplomatic victory in the war with the united states. there's an outstanding historical event. >> sung added that his country must learn from history in order to protect its independence, sovereignty and territory. a ceremony has been held in april every year to observe the fall of saigon which marked the end of
Jan 25, 2013 6:00am PST
the paris peace accords which ended direct military involvement in the country. a ceremony held in hanoi on friday was the first nationally sponsored event to observe the 1973 deal. it is likely a move by the communist party to gain wider support by emphasizing the historic achievement. the cold war split the country into northern and southern regimes which fought fiercely. the united states which supported south vietnam signed the peace agreement in paris on january 27th, 1973. the anti-war movement gained momentum and two years later, the u.s. withdrew from the former south vietnamese capital of saigon. the president emphasized the legitimacy of one-party rule by the communist party. >> translator: the paris peace accord was our largest diplomatic victory in the war with the united states. there's an outstanding historical event. >> sung added that his country must learn from history in order to protect its independence, sovereignty and territory. a ceremony has been held in april every year to observe the fall of saigon which marked the end of the south vietnam regime but friday's eve
Jan 31, 2013 2:30pm PST
beckham is moving to france. >> the 37-year-old midfielder has signed a five-month contract with paris st. germain, currently top of the french league. beckham says he will be donating his salary to charity. nice move there. >> very nice. >> somehow i have to believe the move to paris had something to do with victoria beckham. she is involved in the fashion industry, but watch out, she stores in paris because posh is on the way -- watch out, shoe stores in paris. >> coming up, human rights in the arab world. stay with us. >> we are back in focusing on the ongoing turbulence at deutsche bank. after a string of scandals that have kept it in headlines recently, the bank has revealed it ended 2012 by plunging to its worst result in four years with the loss of 2.2 billion euros. management attributes the losses to restructuring costs and large sums set aside to cover look -- to cover legal costs. >> it is london's largest lender and is still having problems reshaping its business to meet new regulatory requirements. >> deutsche bank's new management are having a tough time. the company is faci
Jan 10, 2013 7:00pm PST
you with us. this is al jazeera in so hot. execution-style killings in the heart of paris this is al jazeera in doha. harding in for a president who has not been seen in weeks. thousandth -- partying for a president who has not been seen in weeks. pro-shaba's demonstrations. -- pro-chavez demonstrations. more than 100 people died in pakistan in a day of violence. in the capital of pakistan's province, more than 19 people killed in an explosion. of least 25 people died in the valley with a bomb exploded. these people gathered to see our religious leaders the. in karachi, nine people were shot dead in seven incidents. >> just a few of many of the victims and distraught relatives after one of the deadliest attacks in years. two bombs went off, starting a snooker club. police say the first explosion was set off by a suicide bomber. people rushed to the scene to help but were hit by a second blast. security officers, a journalist, and rescue workers were killed. >> as we got to the scene, rescue workers were moving people. suddenly there was another blast, and we were unable to get anythi
Jan 9, 2013 6:00pm EST
to meet them in paris. c-span: we're in the early part of 2012, this was in 2010, right. how long from the time you got this idea to the time that general mccrystal was dismissed from the army? >> guest: i met up with probably three months about three-month period. c-span: why did they let you in? >> guest: i think the strategy -- it gets to public relations strategy that general petraeus had pioneered. it's something i like to call, i call it petraeus envy. all the generals are trying to do what he did so well which is to build up a fan based media which soarpts as a separate power structure to by pass traditional chain of command which gives him a lot of influence. he's been profiled by everybody. he's been on the cover of everything. and other generals look at that and say wow he plays the media game well. look at the advantages. he can do what he wants and push the agenda or policy he wants to push. i believe there was an attempt to create the sort of same hero status for general mccrystal to allow him to get away with more and create a separate power base within the media. c-span:
Jan 24, 2013 6:30pm PST
-old was welcomed in paris by relatives and supporters. a mexican supreme court ruling on wednesday found that local police violated her human rights during their original investigation seven years ago when she was convicted and jailed for helping her husband run a kidnapping ring. the rhetoric from north korea is getting uglier. the country's military bowling to carry out more rocket launches, including another military test -- the country's military vowing to carry out more rocket launches. >> this after the detonation security council widen sanctions for a rocket launch last month. >> these images of a north korean rocket test put countries around the pacific rim on high alert. now p'yongyang is stepping up its rhetoric. the national defense council has announced it plans to continue rocket tests and even detonate a nuclear bomb. a spokesman said the tests are designed to send a clear message to the country's so-called arch enemy, the united states. u.s. diplomats were quick to denounce north korea's plans, saying they would hinder talks. >> further provocations are not going to help the process
Jan 29, 2013 2:00am PST
in paris against the government's proposals, they chant, "a mother. a father. it is fundamental." most of the protesters are conservative, politically or religiously. many are willing to accept same- sex marriage, but they say letting gay couples to adopt or conceive in vitro is going to far. >> two men or two women are not able to give children what they really need. >> it is very simple -- man and woman were designed to marry and have children. >> homosexuals are not a family. >> what do you see as a family? people who love each other? then we do not have the same definition of family. >> some question weather same- sex couples are suited to raise children. advocates of the bill say they are and took to the streets of paris to demand rights for same- sex couples. the proposal would legalize gay marriage and allow same-sex couples to adopt. a provision for artificial insemination was originally planned but has now been stricken. >> i'm not an animal, as something. i'm a citizen and pay taxes. i do not understand why i should be a second-class citizen. >> they were among the demonstrat
Jan 13, 2013 2:00pm PST
stick to the streets of paris rallying against gay marriage and adoption. hello. french planes have pushed further into northern mali. fighter jets bombed a training camp and airport in the rebel stronghold gao. the u.s., britain, and other nations are pledging uses nickel -- logistical support. african states are stirring to deploy their own troops. let's get the latest now from the capital of mali. bring us up-to-date with the latest you have found on the ground. >> french forces have pushed deeper into the eighth rebels territory. they have attacked the town of gao and an army base. it has been taken over by rebels. they are said to have raised that army base on the ground. after stopping the advance of the rebels, bid has other strategic towns as the french forces a week in the military might. here there has been a huge response to a call by the president for the people of mali to help their week army. >> at a medical facility, people have gathered to donate blood. they are responding to our request from the president to support the country's forces which ever way they can. >> w
Jan 14, 2013 3:30am PST
like that. a dream of the elegance of paris. and i remember that i propose -- it was the last new bid of coutoure that arrived. i thought to propose -- [unintelligible] why don't you take one designer like vivian westwood or others to make one season, one coutoure collection? >> you should call some up immediately and suggest the deal. >> [laughs] that is true. each one to make their own collection should not be back. a very attractive idea. >> as you do not want to talk about art, we will not say your work is art. let's be very vulgar and talk about money. [laughter] it is extraordinary what you have produced in coutoure. does that make any money? quick to be honest, what we produce in coutoure does not make money but it does include money. i must say, i am very proud of that. when i started to do coutoure, after a lot of stories that may be issued do another job, i said, ok, i will do my own collection. i started and never stopped after. on boat one, one woman, done all in lace in the exhibition. it starts like, ok, i did not think to make another one. so i did one after and one aft
Jan 11, 2013 7:30am EST
into the session. london's ftse 100 just up by .10%. frankfurt up fractionally. paris's cac 40 down by more than .3%. the dollar higher against the yen on expectations that the bank of japan's bold monetary easing will help the economy but the u.s. currency is coming off a bit after reaching the highest point since june 2010 in early asian trading. dollar-yen at 88.80-84. the euro is also gaining against the yen. the european currency is now down at 117.74. that's going to do it for biz tonight. let's get a check now of the markets. >>> the eastern u.s. is seeing warm temperatures, but changes in the forecast. meteorologist robert spet that has the latest. >> yes, gene. all across the eastern seaboard we have just been seeing absolutely temperatures above average. it's all due to this frontal area here. ahead of it you are seeing this warm air come in from the south. that's really been raising up these temperatures. but, yeah, things are going to start to change, because as that pushes off there towards the east, bringing heavy rainfall towards the northeast, the western great lakes will see a mix
Jan 24, 2013 7:30am EST
% in london. we have declined for the dax in frankfurt down .15%. paris' cac40 is up by .20%. in early trading stocks, china data pushed up japanese stocks to rise 1.3%. we have australian shares also up today by about .50%. but the impact on mainland chinese stocks was moderate. shanghai ended down.80%. hong kong was .20% lower. to currencies now, the dollar gaining ground against the yen to the mid-89 level due to receding concerns about the world's largest economy after u.s. legislators passed a bill to extend the debt ceiling. we are seeing dollar/yen at 89.61. market players say news of north korea's possible nuclear testing also fueled geo political concerns. the euro is strong at 119.46. >>> the japanese government has finalized a guideline for compiling next year's budget. it is designed to keep new bond issues to a minute mum. members of the cabinet and the council of economic and fiscal policy approved the plan. the proposal for the fiscal year that starts in april includes the government's latest economic stimulus. priority is put on cutting wasteful spending and also requires the b
Jan 20, 2013 6:30am EST
they start blowing up cafes in paris. they're going to get the african states nearby to do it but they've got little 500-men components that is too large a place to take with those few troops. >> panetta says that they are of no threat, the people there, to the u.s., to the homeland. but this is the time that you have to begin to try to cut them off at the pass. >> again, i think you're going to see the belowback in paris -- blow back paris-- >> you can't just not do anything. it's fine to sit and-- >> why not? >> because this is an ally that went in there and we are threatened by -- [ multiple voices ] >> they were thrown out of libya and went there. >> you had the luxury-- >> we drove them out with all this equipment and then ansr -- our guys we trained in the capital. they overthrow the government there. >> do you approve of 5500 americans being over there? >> look, if the americans are helping the feds, you've got to help the feds in what they're doing but the french better watch what they're doing. >> the problem is just like with afghanistan by leaving alki today alone over there -- al
Jan 7, 2013 7:00pm PST
to get to hand over the names of people who posted anti-jewish tweets. from paris, we have this report. >> the small paris office only has five permanent staff and relies entirely on donations. the french union of jewish students is preparing to take on one of the giants of the internet. they expect to win. they want them to reveal the names of people who posted anti- semitic tweets so they can be prosecuted for hate crimes. >> the internet has become a forum for racist speech. people are free to say what they want with impunity and we need to stop that. that is why we expect the french legal system. >> it began in october with one or two people. it grew into a wave of hateful messages, becoming the third most popular subject on twitter in france. over the past year, the number of anti-semitic acts in france have doubled. >> the case which would be heard in the high court is possible because of the anti discrepant -- anti-discrimination laws. it is a new territory and it will -- it is new territory. lawyers said the law is trying to catch up with the rapid development and social media.
Jan 18, 2013 10:00pm PST
. the wonderful example of their time in paris with sally's brother, james and the paris treaty. >> the treaty of paris. if jefferson had the best hand dealt that anyone could have, sally hemmings had the worst. the enslaved woman in virginia in the 18th century, not a great place to start. she did everything she could for the people she loved. and did it with an intelligence and courage that i think is remarkable. there is a moment there in paris. the rule of the land are such that if she had gone to the city hall and declared her freedom she would have to have been given it. she and jefferson had begun some sort of sexual liaison and it's tricky to use the word "relationship" in this situation. she said i'll go back with you if any children we have are freed by the time they're 21. this moment must have been one of the oddest moments in thomas jefferson's life. here is a man totally accustomed to control and power being negotiated with by a woman he owned. and so everything was turned upside down. but he agreed. and our source for this is one of their children, madison hemmings. and for a lo
Jan 13, 2013 11:00pm PST
-- and mass protests in paris. why these people do not want marriage for everyone. hello -- a venezuelan government has come out with a official update on the health of president hugo chavez, who has been in cuba for cancer treatment. the information ministry says his recovery looks good. in a caracas talk this through the details -- >> hello. this has been the first bulletin put out by the government in six days. it says the president's clinical evolution, and i want to be specific about the words, is "positive in general." it says his respiratory infection is under control although he still needs measures to deal with respiratory deficiency. the bulletin also states the president is conscious and he is in communication with his family and his doctors and his political team. this does seem like a great improvement compared to the previous two bulletins in which his condition was described as stationary. >> positive but cautious is how we might describe it. what strikes you looking to the future -- if he does recover and become inaugurated, how hugo chavez leads this country and has the
Jan 1, 2013 10:00pm PST
robbers broke in this apple store in paris lt night - and made off with me than a . >>> cops are calling it the perfect heist. four armed robbers broke into this apple store in paris last night and made off with more than a million dollars worth of merchandise, idaho pads, iphones, imacs. they stuffed everything into a van and disappeared into the night. they timed the robbery to coincide with new year's eve celebrations when officers were distracted. >>> they went out for a beer at a bay area bar. next thing they knew they were racking up charges in mexico. we have more on that story. >> reporter: it's the name of the beer on the menu at this popular concord bar but customers at ej fair never expected drinking here would mean getting their wallets wiped out. >> we had four or five charges, 2 to $300 each. >> reporter: the manager says it happened to several hundred people and what they all have in common is they used their credit cards at his bar in the past few months. >> basically anyone that used their card here from september on, till about the saturday after thanksgiving, had their
Jan 14, 2013 2:30pm PST
the second french soldier in a failed operation by paris to free a kidnapped intelligence officer. >> france says he was killed during the operation. photographs thought to be marking what is a dead body of a soldier were posted on line by ashgabat -- al-shabab. the man was captured in 2009. germany's biggest car maker, volkswagen, sold more cars last year than ever before. the news comes as the detroit auto show opens its doors. >> car makers are pinning their hopes on the global and american markets. >> it it is the show no automaker can afford to miss. all the big players have gathered in detroit with their latest offerings. volkswagen is europe's largest carmaker. it has set itself an ambitious goal, to become the world's number 15 years from now. -- or number one five -- world number one five yeras from -- years from now. >> we have a large growth market. that means we are quite able offset the losses we are seeing in europe at the moment. >> the u.s. is the world's biggest market for new cars, followed closely by china, which has made up a lot of ground in recent years. europe is there
Jan 15, 2013 2:00am PST
by saying the paris- based charity was nondenominational. this even though it is called the fraternity of st. aloysius and is dedicated to the same st. as the church. they are collecting donations to buy the building. their motto "stop the mosque" makes their position clear. >> we are opposed to converting the church into a mosque. christenings, weddings, and funerals were once held there. now that will all be wiped away. the church will be something else entirely. we have gathered thousands of signatures from all over france and from canada and switzerland. some people even send money. most say "bravo. keep it up." >> the archdiocese is not talking to the media. the priest says he feels the fraternity went behind his back and feels that the rift between christians and muslims in france will only be worsened by the group's campaign. >> i disagree strongly with using slogans like that to raise money. i am bitter about it coming to this. >> the local muslim community is disappointed. this lawyer did not expect this kind of response. he says it would be possible to convert a church into a mosqu
Jan 31, 2013 6:00am PST
down. and temperatures are going to cool off behind it. london and paris, 7 and 12. it does look like into paris, your overnight lows by saturday is going to get even below the freezing mark. not even getting up to the freezing mark though into moscow. minus 1 here for your high to start off your weekend. now here's you're look at your extended forecast. >>> we'll be back in 30 minutes with more news. i'm gene otani in tokyo. from all of us here at nhk world, thanks for joining us. -- captions by vitac --
Jan 24, 2013 6:30pm PST
subió en un avión a paris >> la recibio el ministro de relaciones exteriores como todo un gesto político, apenas aterrizo en paris después de estar presa después de 7 años en méxico, se reencontro con su madre >> conoci lo peor y lo mejor de méxico, 7 años en la cárcel con gente formidable, admirable, tanto como compañeras que me han dado amor, que me han dado apoyo, muchos mexicanos imporatntes que han querido entender, visitarmes a ellos les debo todo >> en cuatnos eentendio la liberación las autoridades del penal, donde se encontrabn descotando los 60 años colaboraron con personal de francia que acompaño las gestiones para que fuera repatriada, y en el viaje la acompañó su padre tras la inminencia de la decisión >> enviar un mensaje que no se vale violar los derechos humanos >> desde méxico la ministra cordero que presentó el proyecto que le otorgó el permiso, no dice que sea inocente ni tampoco culpable >> no se construyen culpabilidades mediaticas >> también gente se quejo afuera del penal >> después de años de criticas, las autoridades francesas destacaron q
Jan 2, 2013 5:30pm PST
for the apollo program. >>> and in paris, the police are hunting for four men who decided not to buy, but to steal. their target, the flagship apple store in the city of paris. the masked gunmen forced their way in after it had closed on new year's eve. they made off with iphones, ipads and other apple products worth an estimated $1.3 million, while the police were elsewhere, helping out with new year's eve celebrations. >>> and when we come back, making a difference. a recipe for success in one struggling american city. >>> finally tonight, our "making a difference" report is from detroit, which has faced an enormous economic struggle and lost a quarter of its population over the last decade or so. but some who remain are fighting back with a new creativity that's beginning to show results. nbc's ron mott on one program where ideas begin with a bowl of soup. >> reporter: signs of better times are all over detroit. abandoned factories, troubling messages, marring a city many believe is simply out of gas. and yet every month, a building left for dead fills up. >> welcome to detroit so
Jan 11, 2013 7:00pm PST
by launching a -- an air strike. more from paris. >> molly's beleaguered army is losing ground to al qaeda rebels in the north. the government is desperate for help. the united nations has given its support with 3300 troops from a block of west africa and neighboring nations. the first of those troops will be deployed immediately. mali's old colonial master has confirmed reports its troops are already on the ground there. >> i have responded to mali's request for help. this afternoon, french armed forces supported mali's forces to fight against the terrorists. this operation is within the framework of the un resolution and will last as long as necessary. >> on the streets of mali, people are getting nervous about how close the front lines are. >> we are afraid. we are afraid because they could take us hostage. >> i think that islamists must be stopped with the aid of the international community because they will not stop here. it is the whole region. europe and the rest of the world there will a tried to attack. >> the situation has prompted the malian president to declare a state of emerg
Jan 16, 2013 7:00pm PST
. >> thousands of turkish kurds gathered with in istanbul to greet the coffins of three activists killed in paris last week. they were found shot dead in their office. the turkish prime minister has appealed for calm ahead of the funeral. for decades the party has fought the turkish government for independence of the country's kurdish southwest. germany is still expected to grow this year, but only by 0.4%. that is leading to the central bank to bring back gold reserves stored in new york and paris since the cold war. >> germany has cut its forecast from october by more than half. anti-government's line is the worst will soon be over. -- if the government's line is the worst will soon be over. >> the forces for growth are intact. the labor market is robust. incomes are rising. price increases will stay moderate. germany is doing well. >> growth averaged 0.7% last year. the government says it will drop to 0.4% this year. that will be part of an upward swing as growth is forecast to go back up to 1.6% the following year. >> the return of growth could be good news for some of germany's neighbors, li
Jan 21, 2013 7:00pm PST
activists were found dead at a kurdish center in paris two weeks ago. the killing sparked protests from the community of kurds in france. russia is sending two passenger planes to be rude to fly home citizens escaping violence in syria. inside the country we are getting reports of an attack on a government building. it is thought more than 30 people have been killed, and many were members of the military. meanwhile, syrian jets have been bombing the central city of harmoms. rebels have controlled parts of the city for more than a year. the suburbs of damascus have been attacked by government plans. this apparently shows residents carrying away the injured. that is 9 kilometers from the capital. meanwhile, nato has arrived in southern turkey. they are intended for if the violence spills over from syria. a unique art exhibition in paris has raised thousands of dollars for the victims of violence in syria. some of the weapons were brought out her out of the conflict in the country. >> this small but impressive exhibition almost non happen. the growing turmoil meant artists became concerned
Jan 27, 2013 2:00pm PST
. and tens of thousands of supporters of gay marriage march in the french capital, paris. >> and fire at a nightclub in brazil has left 232 people dead. 170 others are in hospital. it is thought the fire was started by fireworks during a stage show. hundreds of panicked clubbers stampeded toward the exits. it happened in the city of santa maria and it's been described as the worst tragedy emergency workers have responded to. >> a frantic attempt to rescue those inside, the blaze was started by firework display during a live music performance. an official for the military police said most of the deaths were called -- were caused by asphyxiation. many others were trampled underfoot as they tried to escape. these pictures, which al- jazeera cannot independently verify, were uploaded to youtube. >> there is a mobilization of resources to take out the bodies, which is the main thing we can do for the victims' families at this point. also to treat the injured as quick as possible. >> police said many of the bodies were taken to a local gymnasium. hundreds more were injured. >> there are man
Jan 1, 2013 7:30am EST
. in frankfurt the dax is down about .4 percent at 7625. in paris the index there is down about.8% trading at 3644. earlier in the day asia stocks were higher almost across the board. today was the last trading day the year in many markets. south korean shares ended 0 high pressure 49% higher. mainland china stocks rose touching higher levels in more than six months. the hang seng closed at its peak for 2012. here in japan business leaders have urged prime minister shinzo abe to join negotiations for a transpacific partnership trade agreement as soon as possible. a letter was handed to abe to request the government action. in the letter, okamura said japan's participation is essentially to make the hopes of people reflected. he called on abe to beef up the competitiveness of the country's farming sector. one of the industries that could be affected by the tpp. some members of the ruling liberal democratic party have voiced opposition to japan's participation in the tpp talks. about 100 members opposing the tpp held a meeting on friday. they said japan's participation could hurt agriculture
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